Literary translation

Please find below a few books I have been translating:

“拍花子和俏女孩/Pai Hua Zi et la petite futée”

Zhang Xinxin

cover_法文4In process

Translated from Chinese into French with Emmanuelle Péchenart


A clever girl or a bad girl? What you will see here, I saw growing up in Old Beijing. As a young girl, I skipped school to search the streets for Pai Hua Zi, the legendary phantom of Old Beijing who steals children away to far off, dangerous lands. But, I wasn’t scared of him; I actually longed to be whisked away. My wanderings through the ancient city’s monuments, markets, and crumbling old hutong mansions uncovered the story of Beijing’s creation, and opened my dark eyes to the city’s most horrible secrets. Then one day a phantom really did come and sweep all the city’s youngsters away……

“Multiverse Teen Travelers”

Vianka Van Bokkem

Published in 2014

Translated from English into French


My home was a small village that was surrounded by the famous Crooked Forest in Western Poland. The forest contains about 400 pine trees that grow with a 90 degree bend at the base of their trunks.

My curiosity is going to take me to an enchanted forest whose inhabitants are as incredible as the multiverse worlds that I am going to visit in the company of other human teens that were captured. My name is Aniela and I invite you to experience our adventures!

Available as e-book on Amazon, iTunes